Thursday, February 21, 2013

Words from Sachin Tendulkar's profile

Words are everywhere - not just in dictionaries. Have a look at the biography of Sachin Tendulkar on ESPNcricinfoHere are a few lines from the same.

Sachin Tendulkar has been the most complete batsman of his time, the most prolific[1] runmaker of all time, and arguably[2] the biggest cricket icon the game has ever known. ..... Some of his finest performances have come against Australia, the overwhelmingly[3] dominant team of his era.......  Blessed with the keenest of cricket minds, and armed with a loathing[4] for losing, Tendulkar set about doing what it took to become one of the best batsmen in the world.... ....the burden of expectations he has had to bear from his adoring[5] but somewhat unreasonable followers, who have been prone[6] to regard anything less than a hundred in each innings as a failure.

Using the context presented in the article, chose the appropriate meaning for the words from among the choices given.

  • prolific
    1. famous
    2. producing many
    3. very quick
    4. recklessly extravagant
  • arguably
    1. clearly
    2. certainly
    3. doubtlessly
    4. it may be argued
  • overwhelmingly
    1. over-powering
    2. very emotionally
    3. to a great extent
    4. powerfully
  • loathing
    1. dislike
    2. disrespect
    3. reluctance
    4. tentativeness
  • adoring
    1. decorating
    2. loving and respecting
    3. worshiping
    4. friendly
  • prone to
    1. liable to
    2. hate to
    3. pledge to
    4. unlikely to

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